B.FIT™ is a New York City based firm that is invested in client satisfaction and developing long-term relationships through a personalized and customized approach. It is our aim to support and consult the development and management of customized fitness facilities and wellness programs across the United States. At B.FIT™ we un-derstand our client’s goals and objectives may vary widely, therefore a methodical management approach must be taken when assessing a facilities programs or services. At B.FIT our mission is to assist you, the de-veloper, health-club, business owner, property manager, or corporations achieve maximum success in three specific areas:

Programming: Diverse, cutting-edge programs – something for everyone!
Member Satisfaction: A personalized and customized approach that supersedes the clients expectations!
Profitability: Boosting your bottom line!

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We want to hear from you! If you are a new client of B.FIT please contact us and schedule your complimentary fitness session. If you are a returning client and need to schedule, change, confirm or have questions about your appointment please contact us by clicking the “Contact Us” button on the home page and a B.FIT representative will contact you immediately. Before selecting your choice below please take a moment to review B.FIT’s newest fitness program called the B.FIT Wellness Transformation Program which will offer you an exciting option as you begin or continue your fitness journey with B.FIT! For information please click here!